Life Assurance for Lupus

I am looking to buy a house with my husband and two children buy have hit a snag and am wondering if you can help me?

We have been mortgage owners for some 12 years or so but I have recently learned my husband has contracted Lupus. At the moment it’s in a mild state but I am aware that the condition can worsen over time.

critical illness graphicAt a recent meeting with our mortgage provider we were told that they would no longer be able to continue offering us a mortgage when our current term expires. This leaves us in rather a pickle as the mortgage expires in 6 months and at the moment we don’t have another unsecured mortgage. I look at our life assurance and other insurance policy and sure enough we are not covered for Lupus.

I recently heard though that some companies are now offering niche life assurance policies that insure the holders for illnesses such as Lupus in a sort of ‘bolt-on’ policy. I’m wondering where I can find a policy like this?

Once we are sorted with critical illness life insurance cover I believe it should be relatively straight forward to continue with our mortgage. Is there any advice that is known about regarding the existence of insurance policies that cover critical illnesses like Lupus?

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