Life cover with mental condition

My daughter has just returned from the Dr’s with a bag containing some anti-biotic cream for her hands. She has seriously dry skin, brought on in large part to the fact that she keeps washing her hands almost all the time.

This is because she is terrified of germs. Telling her that germs are everywhere and talking about the body’s immune system doesn’t seem to do any good either. It’s not something that either of her parents have but she’s got the idea from somewhere. Perhaps it’s a mental condition? – see this useful link about mental illness from the Mind web site

Having a condition like this shouldn’t really stop anyone from getting a mortgage and therefore appropriate life cover as the condition is not life threatening. But what about what’s behind the condition?

I am confident that in a few years insurance companies will have invented a whole new class of insurance product specifically aimed at people like my daughter. Why? Well it’s billable isn’t it? You can make money from it. Need I go on?

So there we are, a new product that insurance companies can sell – life cover for people with mental illness. In fact there are probably a few of these policies around already, but in a few years times, with the huge rise in mental health problems brought on by stress, they will be much more common.

In the meantime, the deliberately underfunded NHS continues to do it’s best to help. The powers that be however, want to see the NHS privatised and sold off? Why? So they can buy it and make money from it…. What good is a free service to a business that could replicate what the service does and charge people for the service it provides. We live in a society where capitalism has gone mad.

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