Thoughts on Home Insurance

Before reading this article you need to understand what home/house insurance is. If you’d like an explanation please click here.

Earlier this year I was sat downstairs in my living room when I started to hear a tap, tap, tap noise. I let it pass for a while but the noise didn’t stop, so I listened more closely and investigated where the noise came from.

Home / House Insurance

Getting up and walking over to the source of the noise I saw a puddle of water on the living room floor. Looking up at the ceiling I noticed a damp patch directly above where the shower is.

Oh dear I thought, the shower is leaking.

Indeed it was. Water had been escaping for a while it seemed and had rotted some wood before soaking into the ceiling. A quote revealed that the shower would cost in the region of £300 to repair and then, the downstairs ceiling would probably need repainting too. All in all there wouldn’t be much change out of £1000 for the work.

I could make a claim against the house insurance and then see the premium rise, or I could bite the bullet and fork out to have it done and pay for it myself. In the end I decided to pay for it myself.

It’s an interesting thing that those of us with home insurance very rarely use it.

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